These Are The Cracker Jokes That Might Actually Kill Christmas

Wake us up when it's January, will you?

1. This. Just, this. What the..?

2. SOS, Christmas is in serious trouble

3. Um, Halloween was ages ago? Who writes this stuff?!

4. If you get this, at all, we'd like a handwritten letter explaining why, and how, in full. Tx bb

5. So good, you should be able to read it on BOTH sides of the English Channel

6. Nononononononononononononono

7. We secretly quite like this one

 8. Just, what, I don't even know, everyone go home now

 9. Staaaahp

10. Not gonna lie, we wish we'd come up with this


11. RIP, Christmas.


Tis the season... that time of year again for sharing awful jokes #christmascrackerjokes

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13. No... this cannot be real...



♡ Hope I've just made you giggle a little.. Merry Christmas ha ha! ♡ #christmascrackerjokes #christmascracker

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14. But no, this is Christmas, and all the jokes should be awful. So let's end with the Actual Worst, shall we?


"Who writes theses jokes" asks my mum as I read the punch line. #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers #christmas #christmascrackerjokes #jokes

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