19 Beyond Adorable Photos Of Comedians Before They Were Famous

And before they got stylists.

Our favourite comedians are constantly on the tellybox, groomed and coiffed for our viewing pleasure - but it wasn't always this way. They didn't always have a stylist, stopping them from doing horrible things to their hair, bodies, and the eyeballs of the general public. They had baggy jeans, unkempt facial hair, and a burgeoning new wave synth pop career, in Ricky Gervais' case.

From a baby-faced Noel Fielding, to a rocker-chic Melissa McCarthy, to Russell Howard looking so young it's ridiculous, we decided to dredge up 19 adorable photos of famous comedians before they reached fame. Because we're nice like that. And we were a bit bored. Enjoy!

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