Comedy Central Chats To Twitter Star @TechnicallyRon

And he really is a lovely chap

We had a lovely little chat to Mr Aaron Gillies, AKA @TechnicallyRon on Twitter. Known for his brilliant jokes, photoshops and candid opinion on life and politics, he's amassed an impressive following of over 43k people. Let's get to know him a little better...

CC: Hello Aaron! Start off by giving us a bit of insight into how you developed your large Twitter following.

AG: Morning! I started using twitter when I worked as a theatre technician. I would spend my time in between cues talking to strangers and posting stupid jokes. After a while I found that twitter is like a pub, it’s full of different people from all walks of life and you get to choose who you sit down with for the evening. I just kept posting stupid jokes, and it just got terribly out of hand and here we are.

CC: What inspires your writing?

AG: I started writing as a way of dealing with being diagnosed with depression. After chucking things out of my brain into word documents I started writing about what ever I could. You can just throw what ever you want into the Internet, and if people want to read it they will, if they don’t they don’t. They aren’t paying you to do anything, most blogs, tweets, accounts are labours of love; people do them because they enjoy doing them. And usually people react positively to that, and if they don’t, bollocks to them. You get your own little corner of the Internet to be an idiot in, why not take advantage of that?

CC: In the past, you’ve shared pretty frank blogs about your life and difficulties you’ve experienced. Do you find other people have benefited from and empathised with your openness and honesty?

AG: I am not sure if people have benefited but I have received some positive feedback from other sufferers. One woman replied to me saying that one blog I had written had let her understand how her husbands suffers, which was quite affirming. Depression is a weird thing to write about, especially when 90% of your input into the Internet is mindless nonsense and capital letters, but talking about something like this can help, and people can relate to it. No one is alone with whatever mental health disorder they have; it’s just finding a way of being ok with it. Once you can learn to live with it, you can learn to manage it, and manage yourself. You still spend plenty of time lying on the sofa covered in crisps having an existential crisis whilst listening to Nick Drake or something, but it helps.

CC: You have a book coming out this month. Tell us a bit about that.

AG: Oh yeah, that. I was approached by Blink Publishing in October last year to write a book about….Well, anything. We spent weeks trying to figure out the best format for it, and we finally landed on a visual dictionary. It’s a self-help book for people that don’t need self-help. It's a tree carcass filled with words for every millennial who knows that everything is just a little bit crap. Going from serious subjects such as Mental Health Disorders and politics, to less serious yet still very important issues such as Cats and Dogs, Porn and drinking. It's 104 little rants about living in the modern world, and I am very sorry in advance. 

CC: And finally, any top Twitter tips you’d like to give out?

AG: RIGHT. Everyone uses twitter in their own way, but the one thing I would say is just don’t be a dick. People use twitter to get away from work for a bit, or on their ciggie break, or as a little bit of escapism, life is already stressful enough without people being dicks on twitter. Just talk to people, laugh with people and enjoy yourself. Remember having an ego over a twitter account is like being proud that you’re a millionaire in Zimbabwe. No one cares except you. Oh and don’t start arguments with people then put a full stop in front of their name so people can see your argument. No one cares. It’s the internet equivalent of shouting at the woman behind the counter in Argos and trying to get other customers to support you, you’re the one that ends up looking like a complete twat!

Aaron's book Lifeabet: An A-Z of Modern Existence is OUT NOW!