Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow Can’t Remember A Thing About Friends And It’s Pretty Embarrassing TBH

Oh. My. GOD.

Friends might’ve ended 14 years ago, but we’re still obsessed. And we remember every teeny tiny little detail about the show.

But you know who doesn’t?


Seriously. Imagine having acted in the most famous sitcom of all time and not being able to remember a thing about it.

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow admitted their shame on Entertainment Tonight, revealing they can barely recall what we consider to be pretty salient details about the series.

The Celebrity Name Game exposed the pair, and it was kind of embarrassing, tbh.

Asked where their characters would be now, Courteney mused that Monica would probably be “raising all of her little kids” adding that she’d be happy with Chandler, who in turn is probably still smoking cigarettes out of a drawer at work in a… bank?


Lisa Kudrow confessed she doesn’t think about it “at all,” adding: “Phoebe married a Connecticut guy, right? From, like, a Upper East Side family?”

MIKE, Lisa. His name was Mike. Who both of them forgot was played by the now rather famous (and still delicious) Paul Rudd - who’s a legit superhero these days.

And it gets worse. Neither actress remembered Phoebe and Mike’s beautiful wedding in the snow outside Central Perk.

“Was I there?” asked Courteney, to which Lisa replied “I don’t remember that.”

Honestly. Why do we even bother?

Here's the full interview, if you can bear to watch it: 

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