Here's Why Courteney Cox Hung Out With The Kardashians Last Night

Or should that be Kourteney Kox?

Life is deeply, deeply confusing. You have to carve out a career, find someone to love, and figure out how to afford both premium toilet paper and Coco Pops in a single week.

Which is why we're sorry that we're about to make things even more baffling by showing you a picture of the time Courteney Cox hung out with Kanye and the Kardashians (which was yesterday, incidentally).


To make matters more confusing, they're also inside Sacha Baron Cohen's house.

Let's backtrack, according to KK's twitter, they were all there to watch SBC's new movie The Brothers Grimsby. Which Kanye seemed to really, really love. 

Which, y'know, is fine and all, but still makes very little sense. Why Courteney and the Kardashians at the same time? Why was Courteney's daughter Coco there?

These are the questions that only the Lord can answer, in time.

By which we mean: tell us Sacha. How did that happen? 


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