Creator Finally Reveals If There's A Secret Meaning Behind The Dots In The Friends Logo


If you're anything like a TRUE Friends fan, you'll have stayed up late at night thinking about the iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S logo dots on more than one occasion. Do the colours mean anything? Do they stand for each of the core six friends?!

Is the word, in fact, an acronym?!

Warner Bros.

We caught up with Kevin S. Bright on the #Friendsfest set and he told us once and for all!

“No, they don’t mean anything, it’s just a design element, the logo was designed by a woman named Deborah Naysee."

Oh. Rain on our parade, why doncha.

"It was the first and only pass at a logo, we just loved it right away. It made it stick out – it made it look like something you look forward to this week.”

Well, can't argue with that. There you go, people. Case closed. 

How 'bout that reunion, though?

We Asked A Friends Virgin To Watch The Pilot:

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