Critics' Choice Awards: Amy Schumer Kisses Boyfriend, Loses Shoe, And Jokes About Nudes

A modern day Cinderella story.

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Last night Amy Schumer won the MVP trophy at the Critics' Choice Awards for being "hysterical, bold and courageous". That's great for her, sure, but what's great for us is her kickass acceptance speech. 

Beginning by introducing herself as a "plus plus sized actress", Schumer made jokes about her nude photo for the Pirelli Calendar that went viral this year. 

"That's what you want everybody to say when a naked photo of you goes viral, you want them to say: 'What a brave photo.' Like wow, thanks. Thank you," she said. 

Schumer also shared a kiss with her brand new boyf Ben Hanisch, but in case you were thinking her life was getting too perfect, we should probably tell you she also lost her shoe whilst walking onto the stage. 

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