Dad Forces Baby To Clean His House In Hilarious Instructional Video

'They’re babies, they’ll do anything, so you just ask them to do it'.

Babies. They're idiots. They'll literally do anything you tell them, can't talk properly and when they try to dress themselves? Pffft. Total shit show.

But one thing they *can* do well is housework. Hoovering, god, they love it. Washing up - can't get enough of those bubbles. Recycling? They do that stuff for FUN. All this time, you've been waving a rattle in their face and getting no response, when it should have been a toilet brush.

One dad in Australia cottoned on to this weird fact of life and decided to make a video, teaching long-suffering parents everywhere how to take advantage of this strange genetic need for cleanliness. 

What do you need to do? Just ask, apparently. Here's the full thing - now go on and live a long and happy life, with a free live-in cleaner.

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