Dan Rad Still Has A Lot Of Love For Potter

That beard!

For a former child star, Daniel Radcliffe seems almost worryingly normal, doesn't he? Putting aside the big bushy beard for a moment (we'll come back to that) he seems every bit the thoughtful, normal chap we'd always hoped he is. He'll be plagued with Potter references for the rest of his life, having to endure endless wand-waving and spell-incanting from rabid fans (mainly us) but it doesn't seem to phase him. Good on you, Radcliffe! Expecto Dantronum.

COMING BACK TO THE BEARD, here are some initial thoughts we had:

Is his next role going to be as Old Man in The Old Man And The Sea?

Has he decided to ditch acting and become a geography teacher?

Could he be selling his excess facial hair to Polyjuice Potion makers who want to create their own D-Rad?

Maybe we'll never know. Maybe it's none of our business. Maybe we're just jealous because we can't grow a beard.

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