Daniel Radcliffe's Farting Corpse Movie Trailer Is Here And Oh God, It's Weird

Radders, are you alright?

So, you've made the most beloved movies in the world. You got naked with a horse on a London stage, and you've even played a dog walker in an Amy Schumer movie. Where next?

Some might say, hey, don't push yourself, Raddy, take a rest. Chill out mate, go on holiday, lest you make a movie you regret. But you're Harry freaking Potter, and you'll star as a farting corpse with an erection if you damn want to.

At least, we imagine that was the thought process of Daniel Radcliffe when he agreed to star in Swiss Army Man, a film about - and really, we can't stress this enough - a farting corpse with an erection.

The indie flick stars Paul Dano as a man who befriends a farting corpse and has long discussions about isolation, the meaning of life, and masturbation with (or we guess, to) it. 

And as you can see by the trailer, it's suitably insane...


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