You Need To See Daniel Radcliffe's Original Audition For Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe cannot stop cringing...

No one likes watching back old videos of themselves, least not Daniel Radcliffe and his first ever Harry Potter audition tape.


You can watch Daniel Radcliffe's first ever audition tape?! Oh yes, my friend. Right here. 

He told The Times: "I absolutely think [I got the role] because I looked good in glasses."

Warner Home Video/Heyday Films/1492 Pictures)

And if you saw Equus, you'll know he looks pretty adorable out of them, too.

The Victor Frankenstein star couldn't bear to watch it back (unlike us - we're on viewing 76,500).

He admitted: "[You're] at a stage when you hate your face anyway, and anything it does is repellent to you."

How he could hate such a little cutie, we'll never know. 

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