First Look! Watch David Schwimmer Play Will & Grace Character Nothing Like Ross

We love a comeback!

David Schwimmer's portrayal of Ross Geller in Friends left us thinking he could NEVER be a bad guy. 

Sure, Ross had his flaws (his many, many flaws), but he meant well and David's nuanced performance always displayed just that. 

Warner Bros.

But now we've seen the new Will & Grace trailer, we've seen that he can play it mean, too. 

Playing Grace's new love interest, we see his character put her down in an off-the-cuff jab at her appearance. 

In the small preview, we see Grace telling him: "We hate all the same things…TV and taxis…" as she tries to persuade him to be her bae. 

But before we could even begin to hope for a new Ross/Rachel level romance, he adds: "…Chatty redheads?"

Warner Bros.

Eeek! We might need to watch 'The Last One: Part Two' in order to recover. 

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