David Schwimmer Says F U To Sexual Harassment In This New Video Series

It's not always easy to spot.

Guys, everybody stop panicking. There might be a sexist in the White House, but David Schwimmer is here to let everyone know that that is definitely, 100%, not okay.

Schwimmer, in collaboration with his friend Sigal Avin, has produced a series of shorts depicting the often grey area of sexual harassment. The narratives are placed in locations where power balances normally occur - such as a workplace or at the doctors, and has been created for April which is Sexual Harassment Prevension Month.

Talking to the hosts of American chat show “The View,” Schwimmer explained how the current climate of women having to fight for their basic human rights prompted the creation of these videos.

“We’ve seen a lot of sexual violence in the media, but we’ve not seen this particular grey area of sexual assault, where it’s about power and a certain dynamic,” said Schwimmer.

Whilst it’s easy to be cynical about a man producing a series about what is and isn’t sexual harassment, the videos do bring light to a bigger issue, and Schwimmer’s star influence has certainly helped. The films feature big name actors such as Cynthia Nixon, Grace Gummer, Emmy Rossum and Schwimmer himself.