David Schwimmer's Rep Says Gossip About Wanting Jennifer Aniston 'Back' Is #FakeNews

So no one told you news was gonna' be this fake...

Gossip columns can spin a web of lies into an entire winter quilt real quick these days...

Dating rumours have followed David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston since their Friends days as Ross and Rachel. 

Tbf, who can be blamed? They were cute AF. Fact.

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But nearly 20 years later, it's still happening. *Sighs for all eternity* 

The rumours mostly made a resurgence after David split from his wife in April last year and JenAn broke from Justin Theroux in February.

Since then, it hasn't really... stopped. 

An undisclosed "Friend" (harr harr harr) told tabloid New Idea that they were a considering a 'relationship reboot'.

Which is funny because -  NEWSFLASH -  their life isn't actually a TV show! Who coulda guessed?!

In fact, it's been assured that the pair never ever actually dated. Schwimmer’s own rep confirmed this to Gossip Cop recently, stating: "It’s a premise the tabloid made up last year, and not surprisingly was never confirmed or legitimated by any reputable outlet." 

That's 'em told. Ross and Rachel were, and still are, madly in love. 

Jennifer and David weren't, and aren't. The truth hurts, man. Pass the gin. 

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