Woah! David Walliams, David Schwimmer & David Beckham's Worlds Just Collided

Who's YOUR hottest Dave?

Name the three sexiest Davids in the world. GO!

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If David Schwimmer, David Walliams and David Beckham didn't come to mind... you're wrong, just wrong.

David Walliams knew this truth, and took to Instagram yesterday to post a photo of the sexiest Daves in the world.

Why are these three together? How was this arranged? WHO CARES, IT'S EFFING BRILLIANT! Check it out:


‘The World’s Sexiest Dave’ competition reaches its final three.

A post shared by David Walliams (@dwalliams) on I mean, we'll always pick David Schwimmer as ours. But we're biased.

Comments from fans mainly chose David Beckham as the sexiest of the trio. Well, they're entitled to their (wrong) opinion. 

Then this happened...



A post shared by David Walliams (@dwalliams) on


We really hope these three stay friends and start an amazing spin-off series set in Turks and Caicos. We can only dream.

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