Destiny's Child Slayed The Mannequin Challenge So You Can Stop Trying Now

Don't know what it is? Step this way...

If you don't know what 'The Mannequin Challenge' is, get out, leave, run away right now. You are old and there's nothing you can do. 


The #mannequinchallenge from your Army West Point Men's Gymnastics team. #Itsonus #goarmy @espn @gymnasticshighlights @itsonus @usagym

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Well, you could read this article and learn what it is. Lord knows why you'd want to do that, but hey, Beyonce pops up in a sec, so that's something.

Queen B and the other two stood deadly still like mannequins and got one of B's minions to film it. That's literally what this article's about. Are you glad you clicked?



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The Mannequin Challenge is sweeping the internet, for reasons unbeknown to anyone above the age of 17. 

We could hit you with these all day.

But we won't, because you know, we've all got shit to do.

Until next time, internet fossils.

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