Details Of Space Jam 2 Will Give You A Nostalgia-Gasm

It's game time!

Millennials: rejoice! A sequel to Space Jam has been confirmed, and if that wasn't exciting enough, NBA player LeBron James has been confirmed as the lead role.

Warner Bros

It's not James' first movie role either. He's recently appeared in Amy Schumer's Golden Globe-nominated film Trainwreck, where he portrays a member of the basketball team that Bill Hader's character (Aaron Conners) cares for as their team doctor.

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Justin Lin is directing Space Jam 2 (he's previously directed Fast & Furious 6 and True Detective). It has not yet been confirmed if Michael Jordan and Bill Murray will return for the film's sequel, but Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird have been approached for comment.

Warner Bros

Space Jam 2 is will come out in 2017.

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