Did A Gilmore Girls Plot Line Make Rachel Get Off The Plane In Friends?

Paris ~Geller~ isn't the only link we're talking about.

Few Friends fans can fathom why Rachel gave up the job of her dreams to pursue life in New York with Ross, a deranged, problematic sexist (OK, we'll get off the fence already).

It's one of the more questionable plot lines in the world's greatest ever sitcom, but we went with it (made more sense than shark porn and hand twins, at least). 

But now a Redditor has revealed a strange parrallel that might explain Rachel's rash decision - and, bizarrely, it links the Friends universe to the Gilmore Girls universe.

Stick with us, we're going in...

NotAnAverageTaunTaun says Paris Geller didn't give up her career for Doyle - in reaction to Rachel giving up hers.

"As most of us know by now, the 2004 series finale of Friends portrays Rachel Green famously getting off a plane to Paris (where she was offered an incredible job at Louis Vuitton after working her way up from nothing in the fashion world) for her on-again off-again love interest, Ross Geller.

Meanwhile, another early-2000s show, Gilmore Girls, features a character named Paris Geller — a smart, no-nonsense, career-driven student who blossoms into an extremely motivated adult.

My theory is that, while Paris Geller's name connection to Friends might have begun as an accident, her character arc is a deliberate flip-side of the coin from Rachel Green's — a sort of redemption story. While Rachel sacrifices her career for love, Paris's storyline time and again shows her doing the opposite; especially later in the show, after the Friends finale aired.

When faced with the possibility of her love life detracting from her future career, Paris breaks up with her beloved Yale boyfriend, Doyle — she refuses to let a boy stop her from attending medical school. Unlike Ross Geller in Friends, Doyle makes the choice to support and follow Paris wherever she decides to go, effectively reversing the Rachel and Paris's respective character arcs."

So basically, the Gilmore Girls creators saw Rachel's mistake and made sure their protagonist did it for women everywhere, followed her dreams and stayed away from meninists.

The more you think on it, the more it starts to make sense - it's plausible the writers would want to take a different direction, and it does make for an interesting comparison of two leading ladies in the same timeframe. Tell us your thoughts in the Facebook comments section (please - our heads are spinning). 

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