Did The Cast Of Friends Give Birth To The Terror That Is Donald Trump?

Let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes...

Everyone likes to blame someone else for the success of Donald Trump, presidential contender and hunk of old cheese brought to life through dark magic. Republicans blame Obama. Democrats blame racists. The rest of the world blames all that sugar Americans put in their cereal (for real, though). 

But it looks like some others have been caught up in all this crazy business: the cast of Friends.

We know what you're thinking. Matthew Perry? Jennifer Aniston? Have you lost your damn minds? They have nothing to do with that human YouTube comment! WE DEMAND ANSWERS.

Well, we'll cut to the chase. You see, it's all to do with The Apprentice, which you might have heard a thing or two about. Apparently, when the cast of Friends agreed to finish up they left an opening in NBC's schedule that was rapidly filled by Trump's little show.

The Apprentice was HUGE. According to Trump, anyway. 

Sure, you might say that there was no way the cast of Friends could possibly know what Trump would do in the future. You might say that they have no part in all this. You'd probably even be right.

But WHAT IF. What if there was something bigger happening here. What if, say, Trump opened up secret communications with Matt LeBlanc in 1999, sketching out a plot to hand over a primetime slot to his reality show while LeBlanc got to star in his own sitcom, Joey? Wouldn't that be something...

The best way to tell is watch Matt now that he hosts Top Gear. If, at any point, he says, "You're fired", the game is up.

And who else might have been in on the action? Really, the only safe assumption would be that everyone was involved. Yes, Paul Rudd, you were there. 

​Don't try to distract us with your charming smile. We're onto you!

We'll never really know for sure what happened,* but isn't it all such a big tangled web?

The Trump vortex continues.

*Matt LeBlanc probs didn't help plan this out, so unfortunately he won't be VP.

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