Did This Tourist Just Reveal Goofy And Minnie's Secret Affair?

It's a small, small world indeed...

There are some couples who are just meant to be together. Richard and Judy. Kate and Wills. Fred and Rose. But, come on, we've all been in relationships haven't we? They're hard!


Simba knows what's up

The magic of your initial few months of hardcore sexy times starts to wear off, standards (and farts) start to slip, you become comfortable with each other. Sure, maybe you feel like you can't live without them, but have you ever considered that you can't live with them?

So sometimes in order to get that spark back, some people, naturally, choose to stray. But could you ever imagine Rudy, Kills or Frose playing away? What about the Disney darlings, Mickey and Minnie? Surely they'd never betray one another... right?


Visitors to an unknown Disneyland were shocked to see Minnie getting down and dirty with Goofy. Maybe it's the teeth. Maybe it's the ears. Maybe it's that sexy, sultry voice (imagine him hu-yuckle-ing as he starts thrusting harder and harder and HARDER). Any which way, we get it Minnie. Goofy's the other man, the rebel, the reprobate, and above all he's your little secret.

Just don't be surprised if Mickey has some plans of his own...

Dark plans.

Ah, to be young and to feel love's keen sting.

Watch your back, Goofy.

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