Disney Changes What It Means To Be A Princess With New 10 Point Rulebook

It ain't about Princes and dresses.

Chances are you grew up wishing you could be a Disney princess, surrounded by talking animals, great clothes, sexy guys and a halo of golden hair that never goes flat.

But for years it's been noted that the standards set by these cartoons are totally unachievable, and they serve to make young girls feel pretty shitty about themselves (not everyone has met Prince Charming, and we'll be damned if we can find glass slippers in Topshop).

Disney have finally responded to this, creating a kick-ass 10-point rulebook for aspiring princesses in 2016 and beyond:

No longer are the princesses defined by their relationships - it's all about kindness, understanding and unity.

They even come with some cute artwork:

So pretty.

So now they can spend less time suffering from Stockholm Syndrome while looking after abusive beasts, and giving away their voices for the chance to chase a husband... 

And spend more time goin out and getting it. 'It' being whatever they damn well please.

Anoosha Syed

Now that's a happy ever after we can get behind.

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