Someone Imagined Disney Princesses Up The Duff And We're Screaming

So... is Belle's baby half-beast half-human orrrrrr?

Odds are, as a straight white cis man, I'll never know what it's like to be a mother, but I've heard it's pretty damn great. Sure, there's the whole carrying around a parasite in your torso for 9 months before it bulldozers its way out of your hooch, but damn that cute button nose and big beautiful eyes are worth it.


But what if your favourite Disney characters grew up along with you? Maybe they decided to take "happily ever after" literally, instead of having a month or two of passion before ditching their prince charming for some sexual experimentation, as I always assumed they would.

What if your favourite Disney princesses got themselves up the duff? Well, here's what 9 of them would look like...

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