Divorce Lawyers Are Revealing Why Couples Break Up

Bestiality is a real issue.

Divorce lawyers have been all over Reddit sharing the bizarre AF reasons marriages have broken up. It’s an eye-opener.

Pro life tip: if you’re heading that way anytime soon, try to make sure these aren’t an issue for you and your boo. 

1. The client that was into goat porn.

2. Just your average, semi-incestual affair here. 

3. This guy was hiding a secret oil rig. Casual.

4. Bestiality is a real issue in divorce court.

5. The one with the three separate families.

6. This Fatal Attraction story.

7. Right out of a Cameron Diaz movie.

8. Just take out the bins!

9. One heartwarming tale of justice.

10. Ouch.

11. The most 90s divorce ever. 

12. The wife had her revenge.

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