D'oh! The Simpsons Live Episode Was A Total Flop, To Be Honest

Simprovised humour.

A while back, we reported that Homer Simpson would be coming to you LIVE for the first time, in an ambitious experiment not previously attempted by the show's animators.

Motion capture technology would help Homer say things in real time, during a three minute segment of an episode - kinda like this:

Now it's happened, and if you believe anything on Twitter, the mighty have truly fallen:

Being one of the best animated series of all time, the show had a long way to drop if tripped up.

And uh, judging by fans' responses, some people think Homer's shoelaces were tied together.

Others had the pleasure of tweeting in questions with #HomerLive and having them answered by the yellow man himself:

And EVERYONE lolled when Bender from Futurama showed up (again):

Either way, listening to Homer stumble over his words, adding a few 'umms' and 'ahhs' in there was pretty interesting. "It only took us 27 years to do what they could do in 1954," Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith) said in the introduction. Homer added: "This is the last episode of The Simpsons. Just kidding, The Simpsons will never end." We very much hope that's true.

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