Donald Trump Fired His Comms Director After 10 Days So Here Are Some Memes

A week's a long time in politics...

They say a week's a long time in politics, but no one could have predicted how quickly Donald Trump can set the world on fire.

After Sean Spicer's unceremonious resignation, Trump brought in Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci to get the message clear. Ten days, and one pretty graphic interview with the New Yorker later, the Mooch is on his way to the scrapyard.

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Should we weep for the state of this trash land? Should we take cover in our backyard bunkers knowing we have entrusted the nuclear codes to an overgrown toddler? No, let's make some memes...

Oh, we get it, because it's a media circus...

If Hitler told you you were doing a great job, would you feel proud?

When will this nightmare end?

U-Turn if you want to, this White House is not fo... oh FFS!

Where can we book tickets!?

So sad...

How long until they start to eat each other?

Reality imitates reality TV...

Laters, Moochie. We hope you have a pleasant trip home.

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