Donald Trump Got Wrecked At The First Debate And Twitter Was Amazing

Let's get brutal.

So the first debate of the US presidential election was just held and, as expected, Donald Trump demonstrated that he has less self-control than a coked up 2-year-old boy in the sweets aisle of a Sainsbury's who also happens to piss himself all the time.

Yes, Trump was Trump, and showed that he knows sweet FA about anything important. 

We have a brief summary to catch you up.

So Twitter obviously decided to roast the shit out of this Pantone 16-1449 dullard, and it was beautiful.

First things first: clearly the whole debate would have been better through a Snapchat filter, like this one.

This also would have been nice.

But since we can't have that, we've turned to the fantastical hivemind of Twitter to bring us its hottest, freshest takes on Trump's latest public mouth flatulence.

Have at it, tweetererers.

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