Donald Trump Just Talked About His Penis Because The Future Is Doomed


We don't normally vote for our world leaders because of the size of their dongs. Whilst politicans can tend to be large dicks, we don't usually stop to question whether they also have them. 

But of course, none of this matters to Mr D. Trump, who wants you to know that his dick is so large that you should vote for him. Obvs.  

At Thursday night's GOP debate, he responded to claims by his opponent Marco Rubio that he had small hands and ergo small genitals (keep it classy guys. Keep it classy). 

"Look at these hands," he said to inexplicable cheers, "and he referred to my hands and said if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee there's no problem." 

Guarantee, you say? Well there's only one way to prove it.

Pull down your pants, Trump.

Pull down your pants. 


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