Don't Panic, But Burgers Officially Contain Traces Of Rats... And Humans

BRB, never eating fast food again.

In today's news so disgusting you might never eat again,  one of your favourite foods have been discovered to contain traces of rat - and HUMAN, too.

Back up. Like, ground up rat babies? And dead people?

Not quite - Clear Labs did a study on 258 burgers from 79 different brands (lucky bastards) and of those, three contained a little bit of *rat* and one had human DNA from skin, hair or nails (oh. Not so lucky bastards).

Feel better yet? Us neither. Here's some more facts.

Of the 258 burgers, two veggie burgers were found to contain meat products - and one black bean burger didn't even have any black beans in it. A total of 4.3% of the burgers contained pathogenic DNA (aka, human bits and bobs). Gag. Scientists were quick to reassure everyone that while this is totally gross, it probably won't do you any harm. Cool. Shall we all go back to our lives now? Our lives that had Friday burgers pencilled in this lunchtime? Um... yeah. See you at Subway.

Or, you know, not

Packed lunch it is, then.

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