Don't Panic, But Peach Butts Are About To Take Over Your Instagram

This is weirder than the A4 waist challenge.

Another day, another weird Internet trend. 

First it was the A4 waist challenge, which saw people 'prove' their waists were narrower than a piece of paper, because, well, we have no idea really:

And now in Japan, they're getting poor babies involved.

Forced to prove that their butts are *just* as soft and round as actual pieces of fruit, 1 year-olds everywhere are being snapped for Instagram, with nothing but a peach to cover their modesty (or 'mo-mo').

Oh, the humanity.

How can we stand by and let this child cruelty happen?

OK maybe they're a teeny bit adorable.


FINE. We're converted. And broody. And hungry. Today is weird.

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