Dora The Explorer Got Suspended For Vaping And The Internet Reacted Accordingly

Swiper no swiping? Vaper, no vaping.

The world has long wondered about Dora The Explorer's beauty secrets (she managed to stay seven years old for 16 years, and new series Dora In The City sees her turn 10).

Turns out, they're a little unconventional. 

She vapes. Dora the effing Explorer vapes, and she's been suspended from school for it. We are of course talking about her voice actress Fátima Ptacek, who's been caught "using a vapor pen to inhale caramel-flavored water" on school property. First Leo, now this.

THE SCANDAL. THE DRAMA. THE CARAMEL. Here are our favourite #outraged tweets.

Parents everywhere are tearing their hair out:

Their kids will soon be home-schooled:

This is no joke, people:

Minds = blown: 

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