Draco Malfoy Went Busking And It Was Riddikulusly Magical

Tom Felton sure can slay...

The Harry Potter universe may be one of the most magical worlds ever conceived.

From the Ministry of Magic to the Quidditch World Cup, J.K. Rowling's creation always seemed like a totally believable, if completely impossible, alternative timeline. But, like all great works of art, there's always one crack to help unsuspend your disbelief...

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No, we're not talking about the complete lack of inexperienced teenage fingering. We're talking about the lack of school bands.

Think about it. Where the hell were all the terrible White Stripe cover bands, or the one genuinely-gifted kid trying to make club bangers in their bedroom? Nowhere. That's where. 

Well, today, we finally have proof that musical magic users exist, and their champion isn't exactly who you would expect...


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That's right! Tom Felton, AKA Draco "Filthy Mudbloods" Malfoy, went busking in Prague while shooting his latest film. And guess what, he went completely unrecognised!

Maybe it's because he's missing his trademark platinum blonde barnet but don't worry, hair and make-up soon saw to that...


Flora getting me back to my roots

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Keep up the good work, Tom. Your music is absolutely magical!

By Josh Pappenheim

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