Drake's Dad Is Trying To Make It As A Pop Star And It's Honestly Unbelievable

Just hold on, we're going home. Because you are grounded, son.

Drake. The 'dad dancer' of the R 'n' B world, a snuggly teddy bear with gun fingers and a grey turtle neck sweater, the most innocuous yet beloved gangster rapper the world has ever seen.

Taken from us too soon. Gone, but not forgotten. RIP, Drizzy.

There's a new rapper in town - Dennis Graham, the original OG, standing up and taking what's his - an illustrious career in smooth R 'n' B.


http://time.com/4430823/drakes-dad-arkells-music-video/?xid=tcoshare Check my homies song and video out @arkellsmusic-

A photo posted by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

And did we mention he's Drake's dad?

The 60-something's been in the studio working on a new single called Kinda Crazy, and he's finally ready to share it (and his crochet beanie hat collection) with the world.

His first music video sees him sat atop a silver throne in a white suit, while smoke swirls around his feet. He dropped a snapshot on Instagram, saying:

‘I want all my family and friends to check out my single and video which will be debuting on TMZ tomorrow it’s here @applemusic thanks to everyone who made it possible.’

Think he's a laughing stock? Come back to us when you've got your own *figurine*, then we'll talk.


Marketing shoot for my figurines @my3dna today

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All hail Dennis G.

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