WATCH: Drake Convinces Us He's More Than A Meme With Terrible Rihanna Impression

"I just wanna scream/that I'm more than a meme".

Look, if you've never laughed at a Drake meme, you're a filthy liar and we don't want to be friends with you anymore. But Drake probably will.

A slew of images flooded the when his Hotline Bling video came out, and since then, the Canadian's been pretty much fair game in meme world.

But hosting SNL, Drake spoke out. He's had enough. He wants the jokes to end, and he'll do anything to make that happen - even don a black wig and treat us to possibly the worst Rihanna impression of all time.

Confused?Well, keep reading. Introducing the sketch show with a song about how much he hates being reduced to viral fodder, Drake sang:

"How can I explain to my mama/why you got my beard on Obama. 

I feel like I'm swimming upstream/against all of these memes."

He asked the audience: "What if I found your moment of pain/and used it for my own comedy game?

"I know my face is expressive/but some of the memes are a little agressive/I would just say it's excessive/when you make me the face of Progressive."

Then it was time to bring on his long-time collaborator and friend, Ri Ri:

'"See Drake is a meme meme meme meme meme/but it's not what it seems seems seems seems seems."

Watch the whole thing here (then do the right thing and go make a meme about it, would ya??):

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