Dude Spends $60K On Huge Barbie Bubble Butt And Wow, Just Wow

He had his sweat glands removed, too.


For anyone who ever doubted Kim Kardashian's peachy butt is the real deal, we've got photos to prove that, well, yes, you're probably right, actually.

Meet 26 year-old Joex Prixx, a creative & aesthetic body piercing artist AKA The Sparkle God. He's spent $60,000 on 100 plastic surgery procedures in an attempt to get the perfect 'bubble butt' and meet his 'plastic is fantastic' aesthetic.

He posts about his life choices a LOT on his Instagram and Facebook page:

‘I’ve wanted them for such a long time, I’ve worked really hard to get them and I couldn’t be happier', he says.

Joey's full list of surgical procedures is as follows, according to The Daily Mail:

50 sessions of Botox for forehead, crows feet, brows, nose and chin. 

25 lip procedures 

15 cheekbone fillers 

Five nose procedures 

Two brow lifts 

One sweat gland removal  

One upper arm tattoo removal

One set of bum implants  

Yep - one of them being sweat gland removal. To complete the Barbie look, Joey simply couldn't be dealing with sweat, shaving or getting stinky up in the gym. And now he doesn't. Another day, another extraordinary human being. 

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