Adam Goldberg AKA Eddie Just Spilled TONS Of Friends Secrets

"It's always a bit awkward jumping into a dynamic so well formed by the time you get there."

Friends fans will do pretty much anything they can to survive the continually-growing passage of time without a new episode (12 years guys, 12 YEARS), and that includes hoovering up *any* snippets of gossip from previous stars of the show.

Last week, we brought you Hank Azaria (AKA David from Minsk)'s interview about his time on Friends, where he discussed his suprise at being turfed off the show after Paul Rudd's character became so well-liked by the audience. Damn you, Mike!

Now Adam Goldberg, who played Chandler's crazy roommate Eddie, has taken part in a Reddit AMA - and of course the first question he answered was about Friends.


Fans asked him about his other roles, including *that* death scene in Saving Private Ryan and his iconic part in Dazed And Confused - but it was Friends they kept coming back to. And he was more than happy to dish up some fact nuggets - including the fact HE REALLY *WAS* CHANDLER'S NEW BFF IRL OMG:


Not anymore though. He only stayed in touch with LeBlanc. Nggghhhhhhhhhh we always knew he was the best oneeeeee <3 <3 <3

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