Elena From Billy On The Street Just Gave A BITCHIN' Cosmo Interview

Oh Elena, you goddess.

If you're a Billy on the Street super-mega-colossal-uber fan (which we know you are), then you'll know about the glorious Elena. Watch her hangin' out with Lena Dunham in the brilliant clip above.

After interviewing her for an episode, Billy took a liking to the eccentric randomer, bringing her along to co-host other episodes (and introducing her to Michelle Obama and Big Bird along the way).

And it seems the world have taken just as much of a shine to her, because she's turned into a bonafide celebrity. Why else would Cosmopolitan interview the New Yorker for her views on the upcoming US election?

Here's a bunch of our favourite quotes: 

Elena: "Do you write for the press?"

Cosmo: Yes, Cosmopolitan.com.

Elena: "Why did you stop me? From Billy on the Street?"

Cosmo: "Because I recognized you and—"

Elena: "Some other couple came up to me and they said because I'm here, Hillary is gonna win tomorrow. Anyway ... I looked up where is Hillary Clinton going to be in midtown. And it says something about a Hilton hotel, which I had no idea where it was. I was working at home — I work at home — I just said, "I'm going to the Hilton hotel." I just came down by myself. I wasn't planning on it."


There's more. 

Cosmo: "So you're mainly voting for Hillary because you hate Bernie Sanders?"

Elena: "Well, that isn't the only reason. I don't hate him, I used to like him and all ... my neighbor loves him. You know, certain people love him. I also don't know if I really trust him on Israel. There's a lot of reasons. I like Hillary, I think she's pretty far out."

Cosmo: "How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

Elena: "I do mind you asking."

Cosmo: "For the article."

Elena: "I don't care. I'm a senior citizen. I get Medicare, which sucks. OK." [Signals she has to leave.] 


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