Elle Macpherson Reveals What It Was Actually Like To Kiss Joey Tribbiani

It was a whole lot different when he turned it on.

In case you'd forgotten, which you hadn't, because you're stll inconceivably jealous, ELLE MACPHERSON SNOGGED JOEY TRIBBIANNI ONE TIME.

Her character was not that great, in fact, one of our least faveys (Lecr-OIX!? LECROIX?!What kind of stupid ass surname is that!?), but she managed to stick around long enough to lock lips with ol' Joseph.

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And now she's spoken out about the whole thing, a casual 12 years since the show ended.

Starring on The Morning Show in Australia, the model was presented with pictures of celebrities and asked to say something about them. When it got to Matty, she said:

 'Great working partner. Good kisser.'

Great answer. Turns out she's not blah, she's a hoot.

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