Ellen DeGeneres Meets Kanye, Literally No One Predicts This 8-Minute Rant

"Picasso is dead. Steve Jobs is dead. Walt Disney is dead."

"Picasso is dead, Steve Jobs is dead, Walt Disney is dead, name somebody that you can name in the same breath as them."

Pardon? Oh, Kanye, it's you. Again. You're on the Ellen Show. We're not entirely sure what she invited you on to discuss, but we're guessing it's Kanye. Maybe some upcoming Kanye? And defo a little more Kanye. Past Kanye, too. So, what have you got to say for yourself?

"I feel I can make things better with my skill set. I have ideas that can make the human race existence within our 100 years better. Period."

Lovely. Makes sense. And you're here, on the The Ellen Show, because? 

"‘If I had more resources I could help more people."

Ah, this again. So you're here to promote what? 

"Michael Jackson and Russell Simons are the reason I was able to go so far... I literally have to be Michael Jackson of apparel in order to break open the doors for everyone that will come after I’m gone, after I’m dead, after they call me Wacko Kanye.”

Right, so Kanye in general. Excellent.

"Isn't that so funny that people point fingers at the people who have influenced us the most? They talk the most shit about the people who care the most."

We... we didn't say anything, Kanye.

"I'm sorry daytime television. I'm sorry for the realness".

Eight entire minutes of it. Watch it all, right here:

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