Emilia Clarke Just Sang Hanson’s ‘Mmmbop’ in Dothraki

TBF it’s probably easier than remembering the actual lyrics…

Like the audio equivalent of Furbies, Hanson have seared themselves into the collective memories of all 90s kids up and down the country. Famous for literally that one song (or, more specifically, that one chorus), ‘Mmmbop’ is the soundtrack to a generation’s family road trips and primary school discos.

Well, it just so happens that Emilia Clarke, AKA Daenerys AKA Khaleesi AKA Dat Girl Who Keeps Setting Stuff On Fire from Game of Thrones is a 90s kid, and she can sing ‘Mmmbop’ in Dothraki.

Give it a watch below.

Incredible right?

Ooookay gotta go, heading off to start an official petition to change Game of Thrones’ theme song.

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