Erm, Guys, This Harry Potter Bath Bomb Turns Water To Jelly

"Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground."

Remember when Harry Potter had a bubble bath with a giant singing egg and a pervy ghost girl and you thought, Why TF isn't my bath game as good as that?

Handmade cosmetics company Lush are here to help. They saw the gap in the market for giant, brightly-coloured bath accessories loosely linked to dark magic, and they made 'em.

^^^ Check out the 'Dark Arts' bomb ^^^

Then they got really magical and tweaked 'em so they TURN YOUR BATH WATER INTO JELLY.

That's right, jelly. As in rather pleasant, ooey gooey slime that only comes to life under water (who needs an egg, anyway?!).

You can loll around in it, pretending you've just cracked the code for how to breathe in water for an entire hour without having to steal Gillyweed from Snape's office via help from Neville Longbottom, then grow gills and almost drown. Phew. What a treat.

Here's what it looks like. Wowsers.

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