Every Games Console That Made An Appearance On South Park

Electronically alphabetised for your amusement.

Like games? Like South Park? You'll probably dig all the fake games played in South Park, right? And the times real games showed up?

Colecovision – as seen in Chickenpox

The Colecovision, dating from 1982, is seen in Kenny’s house. Why? Because he’s poor. Awwww. Poor Kenny.

Nintendo DS – as wanted in Margaritaville

Most long-standing friendships would require something pretty massive to come up for one party to betray the other. However, as Margaritaville shows, Eric Cartman will betray anyone for the promise of a Nintendo DS.

Nintendo Wii – as seen in Go, God, Go and Go, God, Go XII

Cartman gets so excited about the release of the Wii that he freezes himself for three weeks until it comes out. He overshoots and wakes up 500 years later in a dystopian atheist future, eventually returning too far back and having to wait two months.

Oculus Rift – as seen in Grounded Vindaloop

Even though the Oculus Rift isn't on general sale yet (it's happening imminently), South Park spent a whole 2014 episode with characters getting more and more confused about reality in an Inception-y, Total Recall-y adventure that still has us kind of confused.

2001 Okana Gamesphere – as seen in Towelie

The 2001 Okana Gamesphere does not exist, but that hasn’t stopped an expert 3D modeler making an incredible reproduction of it. As stated in the episode, it has 128 Gigahertz D-RAM – nobody knows what that means, but it kicks ass.

PlayStation Portable – as seen in Heaven Vs Hell

God’s own golden PSP is integral in the battle between the forces of good and evil, and if Kenny was playing on a shitter handheld, the result might have been different. Gold models like God’s were commercially available for a while, because people are monsters, but recreating the look with a cheap plastic case seems much better.

Sega Dreamcast – as wanted in The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000

The entire plot of this episode revolves around Cartman trying to get enough money to buy a Dreamcast by extorting it out of the Tooth Fairy.

Xbox 360 – as seen quite a lot

Cartman, Stan and Kyle all own Xbox 360s, but, more excitingly, this was available to buy for a while:


Xbox One / PS4 – as seen in the Black Friday trilogy

The epic Black Friday trilogy saw Xbox fans and PS4 fanboys pitted against each other in a Game Of Thrones-inspired battle, complete with axes through eyes and death, loads of death. The Xbox ends up winning, but the boys ultimately conclude they want to go and play outside.

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