Every product ever invented can be improved with bacon

Everything you own can now be destroyed and replaced with a more baconny equivalent.

[subheader]Bacon Flavoured Baby Formula[/subheader]

Start as you mean to go on: screaming bacon-ey defiance at a world where far too few things are made of bacon.

[subheader]Bacon Air-Freshner[/subheader]

For that bacon freshness on the go.


Oh, you want something not made of bacon, like ketchup? And what time's mommy picking you up from school?

[subheader]Bacon Plasters[/subheader]

Only the greasey power of bacon can heal your wound.

[subheader]Bacon Condoms[/subheader]

If you have to wrap something around your pork, why not pork?

[subheader]Bacon Lipbalm[/subheader]

Show affection to your loved ones by tasting of bacon.

[subheader]Bacon Toilet Roll[/subheader]

If even if you haven't eaten bacon the previous day, you'll feel like you have.

[subheader]Toaster Bacon[/subheader]

This is healthier than fried bacon, but don't let that put you off, it's also much faster.

[subheader]Bacon Ice-Cream[/subheader]

Technically licking raw bacon is not recommended by health professionals, so this will have to do.

[subheader]Bacon Mints[/subheader]

Got a meeting in 5 with lumberjacks? Pop some of these and they'll hire you on the spot.

[subheader]Bacon Chocolate[/subheader]

Bacon and chocolate are probably the second and third best things in the world. After bacon chocolate.

[subheader]Bacon USB[/subheader]

Unfortunately you can't put bacon in your spreadsheets. But that doesn't mean you can't put spreadsheets in your bacon.

[subheader]Bacon Lube[/subheader]

Nothing slips down the throat as easily as bacon, right? Wrong, as long as you use bacon lube.

[subheader]Bacon Beer[/subheader]

Bacon and beer are probably the second and third best things in the world. After bacon beer.

[subheader]Bacon Soap[/subheader]

Off for a big date? Do you smell of bacon? No? Well, better lather up.

[subheader]Bacon Coffee[/subheader]

The perfect cure for a bacon hangover.

[subheader]Bacon water tablets[/subheader]

A great way to take the most basic life necessity on the planet, and add some water to it.

[subheader]Bacon Spread[/subheader]

For when your bacon needs a little extra bacon.

[subheader]Bacon Lollies[/subheader]

If dentists handed these out then no one would be afraid of fillings.

[subheader]Bacon Toothpicks[/subheader]

Got a little bacon stuck in your teeth? Cool, now get more!