Everyone Who Should Have Won The BBC Most Popular Character Competition

We know who the real heroes are

Sherlock has just been voted the most loved BBC character IN THE WORLD through a popularity poll, beating Doctor Who and the Vicar of Dibley. We had a think of a few others we think deserve the award...


Bounce the Spokesdog 


Guys GUYS Bounce the dog!! How could this majestic doggo ever be forgotten from the BBC canon. Yes, okay, he’s not a character and also he’s a dog. But to forget the glory of Bounce the Spokesdog based on small technicalities would be missing the point here. The dog is a modern day hero, bringing us the truth we need in a world of strife and unhappiness.




Okay so this character, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the BBC three series does do some shitty things to her best friend, endlessly provoke her sister, manipulate her ex and is narcissistic and childish. H O W E V E R , she gets loads of sex (solidarity sister) and also is one of the funniest women on TV. 

The person who did the BBC subtitles for Donald Trump’s inaugurations


Did you spot it? If you whacked the subtitles on for Donald Trump’s inauguration, it seemed to be playing out a heated exchange between two characters, with lines like “Look, if you ain’t seen Sasha, just do one, yeah?” Whoever you are, unsung hero, we just want you to know you have our utmost respect.


Tracy Beaker


Sassy af Tracy Beaker must never be forgotten as the idol of every young person who kept up with the dumping ground antics. As such, she should have been recognised for her contribution to children's television, and angsty young girls everywhere. To the nay-sayers, I say BOG OFF.

Lizo Mzimba


We don’t care that Lizo Mzimbe is a real human being a not a character. Lizo, formally of Newsround fame and now the BBC’s entertainment correspondent, brings joy to our hearts whenever reporting on the newest blockbuster or awards ceremony. There’s something so amazingly beige about him. Also once he was on the Basil Brush show.


Mabel and Lucy the Blue Peter dogs


We just love dogs okay.


Guy Goma


Oh Guy, we’re so sorry. On behalf of everyone who put you on live television, made you answer questions about the dissemination of music streaming and the impact on the music industry, when you were only meant to be interviewing for a data role, our sincerest apologies. As recompense, we would like to nominate you as best BBC character of the year.


The squirrel with the giant balls on GBBO


The nation stopped, dear squirrel, when you exposed your giant testicles at exactly the wrong (right?) time on prime time BBC television. Tbh, amongst the endless innuendo of the Great British Bake-Off, this did seem fitting, even if it did prompt a large number of complaints.


Dick and/or Dom


We’re not really fussed which one. Maybe both. They were bants and deserve to be recognised as such.