Everything You Need To Know About The New Snapchat Spectacles

Never miss Daniel Radcliffe cradling a puppy ever again...

We all know the feeling. You're walking down the street, minding your own business, when a dog riding a motorbike does a triple back flip off a rogue ramp and lands in Daniel Radcliffe's newly-tattooed arms.

Did you get it for your story? No. Because your phone was in your pocket, and you've not quite perfected the Clint Eastwood quick draw.

But what if your phone was on your face?

Snap Inc.

Introducing Snapchat Specs - some pretty spectacular sunglasses that also happen to have a couple of cameras on them, so you can record whatever you want, when you want!

The first thing to know is that they record ROUND VIDEO!

Snap Inc.

The landscape / portrait debate is over people, it's all about circles. The camera shoots through 115 degrees, which is pretty much the same field of vision as the eye. Do you see what I see?

The battery life is also pretty baller.

Snap Inc.

One charge should last the whole day, and the glasses charge AUTOMATICALLY when they're in their case. How's that for convenience?

They're surprisingly cheap.


On first release, the Snapchat specs are gonna cost $129.99. That's around £100 (or £5,000 by the time Brexit comes into effect).

We're betting you'd pay a lot more to Snap Daniel Radcliffe cradling a puppy tuckered out from too many backflips, right?

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