Girl Gets Ingenious Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend… By Spoiling Game of Thrones

For your DMs are dark and full of spoilers…

There’s no bigger sense of injustice than being cheated on – the lying, the sneaking around, the countless macaroni and cheese dinners that went cold while you waited for your waste of space partner to finish their ‘piano lessons’, only it wasn’t the keyboard that was getting a good fingering WAS IT ALEX!?

A n y w a y . . .

Anyone who’s been cheated on will have, at some point, wanted to get revenge on their ex. Everyone who’s ever watched Game of Thrones has wanted to avoid spoilers. So, obviously, the natural solution to being cheated on by a Game of Thrones watching ex is to slide into his DMs every week and spoil the living f**k out of the latest episode, as this cheating Littlefinger-lover found to his disadvantage.


Isn’t it MASTERFUL!?

What we love most is that the girl uses every single social site available to her to make her ex-man miserable. It’s inspired. It’s courageous. It’s genius. Basically it’s the Tyrion Lannister of revenge!

The thread has since been deleted off Reddit, amid rumours the whole thing might be a massive lie, but tbh if given the choice between the truth and the legend, print the legend. That's philosophy, that.

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