EXCLUSIVE: PS4 Opens Up About Dramatic Makeover Shocker

The PS4's looking a li'l Slim...

PlayStation fans were expressing concern on social media sites today, after images appeared to show the PS4 had taken on a dramatic New Look.

Spotted in the living room of your mate Gav, the PS4 appeared to be slimmer, and more shallow than in previous public sightings.

Sony / eBay / Comedy Central

The picture that shocked the world.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the PS4 said: "Okay, I see you've noticed I'm looking a little different recently."

"I can confirm that I've had some body work done. I'm now slimmer, curvier, and more matte than the console I was just six short months ago."

The sentient hardware then went on to dismiss speculation that its new, compact look would somehow impair its supreme game-playing ability.

Sony / Digital Trends

Before and after shots of the gaming consoles dramatic makeover.

"Was the Nintendo DS under this sort of scrutiny when it debuted it's XL look? The media is inherently sizeist when it comes to home media. Bigger is always better. Well, I'm here to say 'it doesn't matter what size you are, what matters is how you perform."

"I've discussed my size with gameologists, and can confirm that I'm just as powerful, and will not stop working to give you the gaming experience you deserve. Also my buttons are way nicer now, LOOK AT THEM."

Comedy Central

Look at them.

Quite how the PS4 Slim fit that statement into 140 characters, we'll never know, but the important thing is that the games console is fit, happy, and ready to make your wildest fantasies come true.

The new PS4 Slim is available now!

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