Facebook Scammer Gets Nasty Shock When Victim Trolls Her Right Back

"It seems I'm engaged, soon to be married."

We've all accidentally opened a spam email from HaWana Phuk Yu, Taiwan, and clicked off in 0.332 seconds, an imaginary horde of strangers already running head-first into our bank accounts, arms flailing, our CVV number scribbled on a sticky note in their back pocket.

But some people use the opportunity to play the perfect prank - and troll the scammers right back. Some people are James Stanley from Gateshead.

James Stanley via The Mirror

Recieving a random message on Facebook, Stanley took matters into his own hands and promptly sent a message back. The response was nothing like he expected - so he kept it going as long as possible.

James Stanley via The Mirror

As reported in the Mirror, Stanley said:

 "I am just so glad that I have found love. I think Shakespeare would write about this. When the message came through I had the day off work and thought I would see how far I could take it, for a laugh.

James Stanley via The Mirror

"I was really expecting her to turn around and tell me to f*** off, but she kept coming back.

"I wasn't expecting that level of commitment. She must think I am a complete gullible idiot, or she is just not very good at this scamming game.

James Stanley via The Mirror

"Now it seems I'm engaged, soon to be married."

To the happy couple, our sincerest congratulations (but James, we've noticed you haven't changed your relationship status quite yet - and we all know that's the real mark of IRL commitment). 

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