9 Extremely Important Facts We Learnt At The Friends 'Reunion'

Jennifer Aniston is really bad at couches.

1. Jim Burrows, the director, played the piano with the cast to help them become friends

But Jennifer Aniston doesn't quite remember it ("We had a piano?!") 

2. 'The One With The Poker' was based on the fact the Friends cast played poker in Burrows' dressing room to connect with each other 

3. Jennifer Aniston gets confused by non-Central Perk couches

4. Matt and Courtney revealed how the Friends could afford their swanky New York aparments 

"Rent control," said Matt, whilst Courtney said what all hardcore friends already know - she inherited it from her grandmother. 

5. Matthew Perry has way, way too many flowers

But also, he considers the Friends cast his actual friends. YAY. 

6. Jennifer Aniston's favourite episode is 'The One With The Prom Video'

Whereas Matt's fave moment is when Joey pretends a puck is coming at his face in 'The One With George Stephanopoulos', and Courtney likes 'The One With The Blackout' because of the sequence when Ross runs around with a cat on his back. 

7. The girls ate the same lunch together every single day

It was called the 'Jennifer salad' and it was a Cobb salad that Jen adapted by adding turkey bacon and garbanzo beans.

8. They didn't sign contracts agreeing not to sleep with each other


Well, according to Lisa Kudrow anyway. Most of the cast kept quiet on this question, but she said: "I was not asked to sign anything like that." 

9. For the first year, the cast watched the show together and gave each other notes

"Everybody was real supportive of each other" - Matt.

"But that was also because Courtney said 'Listen, yo, I was on Seinfeld and they all help each other, so let's help each other!' - Lisa. COURTNEY IS A REAL LIFE MONICA. SHE IS MONICA.

Excuse us, we're dead now. 

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