Fake Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Kissing Pic Spreads Rumours Of Steamy Reunion

It's fake, sheeple!

It’s been a little over two months since Jennifer Aniston split from her husband, Justin Theroux, and of course, the internet is ALREADY spreading rumours of a new man on the scene.

Warner Bros

The man? BRAD PITT. Obvi. Who else.

We’re not shocked. He was never really a member of the ‘I hate Rachel Green’ club, after all.

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The rumours come from the gossip site Star, who leaked an edited photo of Jennifer’s character kissing Jason Bateman in a scene from ‘The Switch’ filmed in 2009, and a photo of Brad kissing Angelina Jolie from 2010, together to make it seem as though the two were kissing.

Warner Bros.

Yes. Photoshopped the two celebs to make it seem as though they were kissing and thus... ‘back on’.

Check it out:


Women's Day Australia are also amongst the tabloids trying to spread these false rumours, claiming that the two are ‘out of hiding’, as well as New Idea which claimed that Jen An and Brad were ‘caught out’ together. An insider was said to have revealed: “the photo will break Ange’s heart for sure.”

Angelina Jolie will, of course, remain unbothered as this news is FALSE. Carry on with your lives, everyone.

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