Fans Reveal The Most Riddikulus Potter Plot Holes

Poking holes in the Potterverse...

What's the internet great for? OK, other than that.

Fine, we'll help you out a bit: the internet is amazing for fan-theories and looking in WAY too much depth at some of our favourite things - particularly Potter.

Some Dementors on Reddit have decided to list their least favourite plot holes from the books and films, and we'll admit, some of them have us stumped.

User Zalzagor points out that when Dumbledore hears that there's a troll in the dungeons, he immediately sends all the students to their common rooms. Where are the Slytherin and Hufflepuff dorms? In the dungeons!

A Reddit-user after our own heart, BlueWater321 wants to know why Hermione couldn't just use the Time Turner to give herself more naptime to avoid being so "strung out". An excellent point.

thesushipanda wonders why there are only three curses that can land you in prison - what about memory charms? Wiping someone's memory doesn't always seem like the nicest thing to do...

There's plenty more where these came from - take a look at the Reddit thread to see what other holes these Potter-heads are picking at. Come on JK, you're better than this.

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